Invited Speakers

CaribeGLIA-3 Invited speakers

Philip Haydon
ATP/Adenosine-release from glia and sleep disorders

Serguei Skatchkov  
Polyamines, uptake and  release in glia: role in brain signaling

Feliskas Bukauskas
Сх43, Сх30 hemichannels and GJ and their regulation by polyamines and Mg

Alberto Pereda  
Mechanisms of plasticity at gap junction-mediated electrical synapses

Colin Nichols
Glial Kir4.1 K-channels and brain disorders

Dmitri Rusakov
Dissecting astroglial machinery using fluorescence life-time imaging and realistic biophysical models

Robert Zorec
Exocytotic fusion pore regulation

Sergey Kirov
Brain injury and neuro-glio-vascular interactions

Lilia Kucheryavykh
Glioma development in brain microenvironment

Yuriy Danilov
Post traumatic recovery in CNS by special electrical stimulation: possible role of glial cells

Marko Kreft 
Monitoring vesicle dynamics and metabolites in single living astrocytes

Nina Vardjan
Astrocytes as antigen presenting cells: traffic of endolysosomal compartments and intermediate filaments

Yuriy Pankratov
Impact of exocytosis of gliotransmitters on synaptic plasticity in neocortex.